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Thank you to my Watchers III

Mon Jun 24, 2013, 1:28 AM

Please take a look at their galleries, they all have some amazing stuff

if i forget one, feel free to writing

Ulquiorra by TwilightAngelTalon Hyde by HaruLulu STEAMPUNK by illictic Death Note L by MCR-KilljoysForEver o0 Megurine LUKA 0o by Piece5113 Fire princess finished by yoco-chan photoshop by Cat-Sin Zadik- Chasm by Shona-RoseArt :thumb329537544: FF - Cloud Strife by Master-Of-Games broken promisesi just wanted to be all you needed.
i wanted to be the one you could depend on.
i wanted to shower you with raindrops filled with kisses,
and dry you off with whispers like hugs.
you said i didn't have to worry,
and you raised my hopes up to the sky
with the words (lies) and empty promises.
you raised them to the fucking sky, to burn in the sun.
you said everything will be perfect,
just give it some time- and that distance
could never take you away.
you said you'd always be around for me
               and where are you now?
just so you know; my heart is bigger than me, now.
it's just in pieces, until i put them back together.
just so you know; each piece still belongs to you.
take this as a call for help.
                 i wonder, where are you now?
Sanguinius SecundusSanguinius Secundus
Time has not been kind to the Sons of Sanguinius.  Once seen as the most blessed of the Emperor’s legions, they are now viewed with fear and mistrust by the citizens of the Imperium.  Ever since the Horus Heresy and the loss of their primarch, the Blood Angels have struggled to live with genetic flaw that has curse them right up to the present day.
For centuries the Blood Angels have been attempting to track down the Lamenters in order to study their pure gene-seed.  With the return of the Emperor, the lost loyal Primarchs, and the resurrection of Lion El’Jonson and Roboute Guilliman, they have redoubled their efforts to get a hold of the only stable genetic stock of the Angel of Blood.
Eventually, they find the Lamenters and study their gene-seed.  Finding it to be almost perfectly pure and without flaw, the Blood Angels rejoice at the chance to finally rid themselves of the genetic curse that has plagued the sons o
One of my Main OC's face by Dex91 Asterile .:Monster Form:. by christelaln :thumb368076107: The Little Mermaid by Shadowed-Star18 Jumping from nowhere by Temai Azami by ChristinaWB EYE by BackoBacko Dragon Swing by Crystalchik StK:Cleon - Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Generally, when society thought of lions, a few words are always quick to emerge. Strong, majestic, powerful, 'king of the jungle' (though that phrase was entirely inaccurate), maybe even pride came to light. Pride in the sense of a group of lions, a family, one cohesive unit. One would expect the welcoming of such a creature into the world a miracle of nature. The bringing of a new generation of authoritative hunters to the world was supposed to be something of wonderment and awe. And, for the most part, it was. Everyone was excited and rushing around in a fevered pace to welcome the new life and get things back on track and headed in the right direction. A new species, a new generation, a new beginning.
It was beautiful, until they dropped him, that is.
Landing with a wet slap against the tile as his virgin limbs slipped through one of his attending Technician's butterfingers made everyone around them freeze and look to him. Searing eyes bore down on the mousy worker who vi
Beautiful girl by wings--of--hope
Trial by Fire by VincentDeLeonAsylum: side effects by ark4nUncharted Xmb by Lauren180Namine by Abigail-ScottSashaXWillow by StyxxsOmegaOrg. XIII: Xanrik by TobiAkatsukiLoverLoki. The God of Mischief by Alice-Le-Chat-13<da:thumb id="378463515"/><da:thumb id="347341431"/><da:thumb id="334309140"/>

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Happy Birthday :party::cake:
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